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Do You Have a Heart-Wall?

Most likely, you do.

A heart-wall is a layering of trapped emotions that we build around our heart.  These emotions were trapped to literally protect your heart from being emotionally hurt.  As time goes by, you often outgrow the need for this heart-wall, and in fact it can prevent you from being truly open to healthy relationships of all types.

To achieve a heart-wall removal, we work together for as many sessions as necessary to release all the heart-wall emotions that your body is willing to release.  This is typically done over 3 sessions, but has been achieved in 1 session, and can take more than 3 as well.  The process is the same as releasing other trapped emotions, with the exception that we focus exclusively on the heart-wall.  


As with other trapped emotions, the heart-wall emotions can contribute to both physical and emotional imbalances.  If you have lost your love for certain activities that used to bring you joy, or if relationships are particularly difficult for you, then the heart-wall may be blocking you.  A release may be helpful in bringing you back to a joyful state, and opening the way to allowing love into your life.

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