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There are two practices that
have made me a better version of myself.  One is a practice of personal growth. The other is a practice of energy healing.

It's very empowering to get out of your own way.

- Laura Barrera



Energy Balancing Sessions

Emotions are energy.  Sometimes that energy isn't processed properly and it gets trapped in our body.  Trapped emotions can be a cause of disruption in our lives.
We can experience them as anxieties, phobias, discomforts, and disease.  

Through muscle testing, your body can identify trapped emotions and they can be released magnetically.  This modality of energy healing is equally beneficial for animals as it is for people.

Sessions can be performed in person, but are equally effective when performed via audio or video calls, and even asynchronously via email correspondence.

Note:  I am currently in training for certification in this work and taking practice participants for complimentary sessions.  Contact me if you are interested in being added to my list of potential participants.

Coaching Sessions

Coaching is a powerful method to uncover and put into action the solutions that you need in order to be your best.

Coaching is conducted by voice or video call, and can also be requested in person.


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Laura Barrera

My own personal growth has rubbed off on those around me - they will tell you that themselves!  Growth is an absolute necessity for living a resilient life.  But I've also learned that sometimes the traumatic or challenging events of our life can keep us from moving forward even though we want to.  I've been a proponent of energy healing for more than a decade now - starting with my prior trainings in Reiki and Therapeutic Touch Therapy.  Having moved on to something new in this realm, I will be excited to complete my new certification and announce that availability soon!

I call my company "Your Main Concern" because it truly is all about you!  Everyone has such different concerns in life, and your time with me is about your agenda. Whether it's through coaching to bring you clarity and progress, or through energy healing to remove barriers that are holding you back, our time together is a focus on you.

I live in Florida with my husband and two fur-babies.  As a blended family we raised four kids, transitioned careers, and overcame life challenges.  

I'm a work in progress.  
I believe if we're doing life the right way, we always have room to grow. 

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Laura Barrera

Tel: (941) 301-8762

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