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Hygiene In A Pandemic

Have you considered protective gear for your thoughts?

As we know, in this strange world of COVID-19, physical hygiene plays a big part in our ability to avoid contracting coronavirus. It's not new to think this way though, and I know because I have been a functioning germaphobe for years. Not an extreme type, but I'm usually reasonably careful to avoid contact with germs from others.

It occurs to me though, that more destructive than the virus itself is the dialogue going on in our heads. More pronounced today than ever, is that fearful voice, the doubtful voice, the degrading voice that we have all heard in our mind at some point.

We need to wash away our fears, our doubts, and our negative self-talk, and put on some protective gear for our thoughts. Here are a few steps we can take each day to help protect our minds from negative thinking.

1. Limit exposure to the news.

Get just enough news to be safe and compliant, and no more. No need to listen to the op-eds because that's just commentary from someone else's head.

2. Feed your mind the good stuff: Find a source for receiving daily inspiration, motivation, or humor. Look for something that's a good fit for lifting your spirits

3. Experience gratitude: Look closely at the world around you and find one beautiful thing you hadn't noticed before, and sit for a few moments in gratitude for that.

4. Spread the joy: Share what you have taken from the first 3 steps. There is someone in your circle of influence, your family, your friends, who could use that bit of encouragement as well.

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