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I Can See Clearly Now

What happens when your vision suddenly becomes crystal clear?

Not long ago I had cataract surgery on my right eye.  I’m pretty young for this type of surgery, which is definitely more common in folks 20 years my senior.  I have a cataract in my left eye as well.  It has been suggested that my time in front of a computer for the last 29 years as a software engineer and designer may be to blame. Be that as it may, the reality is, I waited until I could wait no longer.  It was becoming very difficult to drive in bright sunlight or at night.  My right eye was definitely much worse than the left.  The surgery was a snap!

I’m happy to report that my right eye is recovering nicely and I see a significant difference in my vision.  The clarity is remarkable.  So much so, that as suspected, my left eye now seems so much more worse!  I honestly can’t wait now to have the left eye done.  I suddenly feel very lopsided!  All those years behind me with fuzzy vision in both eyes, I now have a significant improvement in one.  It feels off balance.

It’s a mildly interesting story, if that.  But the reason I use this example is because it seems so closely aligned to the way things work in life.  You’re going about your busy life, and BAM! you get slapped upside your conscious mind with an AHA! moment.  Suddenly you have laser focused vision where before there was only a haze.  Something that was once muddled, has suddenly become clear.  

The problem is that when those moments of clarity hit you, you have to do something about it… you have to take that nugget and put it into action!  If you don’t, you will quickly find yourself off balance and lopsided.  You’ve been made aware of a longing or yearning, aware of a desire for more and the desire means you are inspired to achieve it.  If you fail to move forward, your heart and your head will be like my eyes.  You’ll forever see something clearly through your heart, knowing you want to achieve more, and it will remain muddled in your head, where all the self-doubt closes in and clouds your vision.

I’m working through a program that helps me gain laser focused vision on my dreams to achieve them.  I can already hear Stevie Wonder singing my victory song!

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