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How easy is it to make lemonade?

I’m in the middle of a difficult decision.  You see, I moved to from New York State to Florida in 2015, having the luxury of taking my career with me and working from home.  A year later the company I work for said that if I want to keep my job I have to return to New York within 15 months and work in the office on a daily basis.  It’s been a roller coaster for the past 10 months wondering what I can do to stay put and find a new job.  Putting together a resume and portfolio of my work, searching for opportunities that could allow me to stay in Florida – it is all a very demoralizing experience because I don’t feel qualified (watch for future blogs on that!).  It’s likely better for me to make the move, stay on a bit longer in the job I’m good at, and see what greatness I can draw from this.  On good days I have a good attitude and I can put it all into a bigger perspective and decide I can make lemonade from these lemons.  On bad days, I just can’t figure it out.

The one thing I know for certain is that it is a choice and I will make it with intention one way or the other.  When it is done and decided, I will take a positive attitude and make the most of what I am.  That is something I can do anywhere and in any situation.  What I’m not prepared for is to allow others to think it is easy for me.  Is it disappointing, yes.  Is it financially painful, yes.  But I will do the hard work on myself to grow and learn and make the most of what I am.  I can say things like “I have 3 grown children who live in New York, so it’s a blessing to be back there with them.”  But I want people to know I choose that attitude.  I could be like some people and just grow bitter and angry, or I can recognize these are my choices and I make them with a grateful heart.  Please don’t look at me and say, “Well it’s easy for Laura, her family is grown and she’s happy to be back.”  Please recognize that I did the hard work on myself, adjusted my attitude, and moved forward in my growth.

I sit here wondering why that is important to me.  Is it healthy for me to want people to know that I have intentionally overcome challenges?  I don’t know if it’s healthy for me, but I know that I’m a healthier example to others when they know that even though my life isn’t always easy I can and do choose to be blessed.  If I can inspire others to occupy their heart with gratitude and growth, then any price I pay will be redeemed.

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